Sunday, 15 July 2012

It's Been A While...

So, mortifying confession to make.

I somehow managed to lock myself out of my blog. How does one do that you wonder? Well it's really easy. All you do is combine a girl who operates at a high level of flakiness with  a massive propensity for procrastination. To tell you the truth (shhh,don't tell anyone) I have quite a number of abandoned blogs floating about on the internet. The shame! 

I spent the day rooting around a favourite blog of mine  reading old entries and generally just laughing my pants off. Kat has me riddled with awe and jealousy at the way in which she can make words do as she pleases. I could have a tantrum at how disgustingly talented she is  (which seems particularly appealing considering how torturously slow my book is coming along) but I think I may be better off bunkering down with a vat of tea and cookies to read her new novel Amelia Anne Is Dead And Gone.
Apparently it's brilliant.
Hurray for book anticipation.

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